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Lead Developer - API & Blockchain

RemoteCanada, British Columbia, VancouverEngineering

Job description

Why Next Decentrum

Next Decentrum is building the Launchpad for the World’s Most Iconic NFT Products. We are democratizing access to coveted artworks and artifacts from the world’s top museums, and delivering unique, social, and meaningful metaverse experiences.

Job requirements

Important job functions that you will execute with confidence.

  • Work with the CTO and Product Team to lead the Engineering Team in the best possible directions.

  • Influence the work of team members, and mentor emerging technical leaders.

  • Blockchain and smart contract development (using Cadence, or similar) with good cursory knowledge with respect to the basic principles of cryptography.

  • Solid programming skills, with strong experience decentralized architectures through DAO's, oracles, and other supporting infrastructure.

  • Writing, testing, and deploying Cadence (or similar) smart contracts and building the System design around them.

  • Senior-level experience with Javascript, and NodeJS

  • Extensive understanding of JSON, HTTP, REST API

  • Strong understanding of API protocols; JSON, REST, GraphQL, gPRC, etc.

  • Leverage TDD and use automated testing and unit tests.

  • Ensure designs and code are well documented and are ready to scale.

  • Be comfortable in a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial, agile environment without sacrificing the quality of work products.

  • Stay current with emerging web and mobile technologies and trends.

  • Collaborate with the product team, share feedback from project implementations and influence the product roadmap and future micro-service/monolithic architectures.

  • Provide end-to-end support of software systems from design through development to deployments and maintenance.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Experience in creating NFT Marketplaces.

  • Experience in creating and deployment for smart contracts using Cadence (or similar).

  • Knowledge of Alchemy and Pinata Cloud SDK.

  • Diploma or Degree in Computer Science or related field.

  • 3+ years of experience as a back-end and/or front-end full stack React, Node, Express developer.

  • Strong knowledge of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds.

  • Experience building scalable infrastructure software and distributed systems for SaaS products.

  • Experience with AWS services EC2, ECS, serverless computing, CloudFormation, EBS, RDS, S3, IAM, ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB.

  • Experience with SQL, NoSQL and Graph databases.

  • Knowledge of code versioning tools, CI/CD tools and processes; Git, GitHub Actions, Docker.

Nice to have

  • A high bar for the quality of code and quality of user experience.

  • An extremely high attention to detail.

  • Commitment to being a remote-first company and embracing remote work best practices.

How to get the Job

  • Screening Call - Let’s chat and make sure you have the right experience and attitude.

  • Chemistry Chat - Take a 1:1 call with your future co-workers to see if you click.

  • Leadership Meeting - Get acquainted with the leadership team and see if there is a fit.

  • Paperwork Discussion - Let's align on the terms of your employment.